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Going Home 7/7 (Alice/Bella)

Title: Going Home.

Author: k_icker 

Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Alice/Bella

Rating: R

Word Count: ~ 12,700

Disclaimer: Twilight, Alice, Bella and all other such characters/locations  don’t belong to me. They belong to Stephanie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended, no profit being made.

Summary: What if Bella was meant for Alice? But tragedy looms. How will they handle it?

Archive: By permission only

A/N: A special thank you to dhamphir  for the beta. 




 It was all too much. My senses were overloaded, my head trying desperately to make sense of everything Alice had just told me. She loved me. She loved me so much that the thought of existing without me was unendurable. Alice. My Alice! My lips consumed hers as I captured her mouth in a heated kiss.


She was mine, every petite, perfect inch. Her body arched from the brick as my mouth plundered hers. I tasted cinnamon and fig, felt the warmth of her body press against me, heard the soft sob-like whimper fall from her lips. I hungered, but not for blood. I hungered for Alice. And I was not going to be denied. 


My grip upon her jacket released as my hands slid beneath her shirt easily, the palms of my hands moving to cup her perfect breasts within my grasp. I heard her gasp against my lips, felt her body arch from the wall, pressing more of herself into my palms as her nipples throbbed against them. My own sex throbbed in response.




Bella's lips were electric as they moulded so perfectly to my own. Her tongue plunged within my mouth repeatedly, the intoxicating mix of musk and blood bursting within my mouth. The faint sounds of whimpering drifted to my ears, my mind only barely acknowledging those sounds as coming from me. She consumed my senses, she consumed me completely.


My back arched exquisitely as I felt the warmth of her hands slide beneath my shirt, dancing up over the flat of my stomach to cup my breasts gently. Her palms scorched as they brushed repeatedly against throbbing, hard nipples, making me gasp. I felt alive, more alive than I had felt in centuries. Bella, my Bella.




The press of her body against my own was delicious. I could kiss Alice all night long, her taste was so delicious, but more primal hungers ached to be sated. I felt her thighs spread slightly, the press of my own thigh against her centre causing a low, purring groan to emanate from within her. Tearing my lips away from her own, crimson eyes locked briefly with piercing onyx as her hips began rolling against my thigh, her teeth sinking into her lower lip. It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen, the look of need so clearly etched upon her face.


I could no longer deny myself, the palm of my right hand relinquishing her breast, sliding down across her toned stomach before deftly popping the buttons on her jeans. The robust smell of Alice's arousal assaulted my senses, my lips crashing against her own once more as my fingers slipped easily between the slick, wet folds of her sex. God, she felt so good!




The press of Bella's thigh against my core was torturous, the hunger in her eyes as she stared at me almost my undoing. I was sure I was going to die of need right there if she didn't take me soon, my teeth sinking into my lower lip as my hips began rolling, of their own accord, against the thigh she pressed so tightly to me. When I felt her hand leave my breast, my nipple throbbed in protest, but as her fingers swiftly unfastened my pants, as I felt her hand slip easily beneath the denim, I could only moan my need.


Her mouth ravaged mine, her tongue thrusting possessively within my mouth as her fingers slid between the folds of my sex. I was wet and I knew she could feel it. My whimpers of building pleasure were drowned out against her lips as her fingertips stroked lightly between my folds, her thumb circling my clit painfully, the small nub throbbing deliciously. Tearing my lips away from Bella's I could only beg.


Please, Bella,” I choked.


I groaned low and deep as I felt two of her fingers impale me.


Say that again,” I heard her whisper huskily against my ear.


Please, Bella,” I moaned as her fingers thrust into me again and again, her palm pressing to rub insistently against my already swollen clit. I doubted my ability to last too long with everything Bella was doing to me.




Alice was so wet, the slick folds of her sex like the softest velvet. I could literally feel her clit throbbing as I continued to circle the small bud, teasing it, not yet touching the hard nub.  How I would have loved to torture Alice's body, to continue building her need for me, to continue stroking her softly until she was coating my hand in her deliciously slick arousal. But when I heard my name fall from her lips, the pleading in her voice, I had to take her. Her groan was matched by a hungry growl of my own as I thrust two fingers deeply into the welcoming chasm of her sex. Oh, God, she was so wet and tight.


Say that again,” I whispered throatily, my lips brushing teasingly against her ear.


I felt her nails dig firmly into my shoulders as my name fell from her lips once more, my fingers thrusting repeatedly in and out of her sex, my palm rubbing roughly against the swollen flesh of her clit, whilst the fingers of my other hand rolled the throbbing peak of her nipple between their grasp. I felt her hips begin bucking against my hand wildly, felt her fingers entwine within my hair, coaxing my head down to the crook of her neck. 


Cum for me, Alice,” I growled against her throat.


Her body convulsed beneath me, her hips thrusting roughly against my hand several times before I heard my name once more falling from her lips in a passionate cry, the walls of her sex convulsing about my fingers as my teeth sunk gently into her throat, the intoxicating taste of Alice's blood coating my tongue.




My stomach was twisting in knots, my hips beginning to jerk wildly against Bella's hand as she continued to thrust her fingers roughly into my sex. I was close, so close, my fingers sinking blissfully into her silky tresses, guiding her head down towards my throat.


Cum for me, Alice.” I heard her growl.


I could not have stopped the force of my orgasm from smashing me in that moment, even if I had wanted to. My body shuddered violently beneath her, my hips vaulting against her hand, catapulting me into wave after wave of pure unadulterated bliss.


Bellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” I cried out as my body quaked beneath her, my mind careening wildly, my orgasm flaring anew, as I felt Bella's mouth enclose gently upon my throat, her teeth piercing the flesh there. 




I tasted Alice's blood within my mouth, my tongue lapping lovingly against the small puncture wounds I had created. As I felt her body's ebbs slowly recede, I carefully withdrew my hand from the trapped confines of her jeans. My eyes locked with hers, my gaze filled with hunger and passion, her own burning back at me as my mouth enclosed upon the fingers that had moments before been deeply embedded within her. My eyes rolled with the pleasure tasting Alice stirred within me.




As the waves of my climax lessened I felt the tender strokes of Bella's tongue against my throat, the caress of her hand gently upon my breast still cradled within her palm. She lifted her head to stare at me, her eyes filled with passion, my own radiating hunger and need as I stared back at her, but most of all love. God, how could I have ever let her go? 


As her fingers slowly slipped from within the walls of my sex, I couldn't help the whimper of protest that escaped. My lips parted on a silent groan as I watched, eyes transfixed, as those same fingers disappeared within her own mouth, Bella's eyes rolling with rapture.

 Moments later, her hands refastened the buttons of my jeans, her body leaning back slightly from me to look into my eyes.




Don't think I am not still mad at you,” I said, unable to completely shake the husky tone from my voice. “It may take me a decade or two to forgive you.” I winked playfully, just to let Alice know I was kidding about that last part, kind of.




I couldn't help but smile slightly as Bella winked playfully, letting out a pent up breath I hadn't realised I was holding.


There is a way to live without drinking human blood,” I said, stammering slightly at the shocked look upon Bella's face. 


I know that is what scares you the most about what you now are. But there is a way, Bella, and my family can teach you. You were already selling your house. When the police find your crashed motorcycle and all of that blood, eventually they are going to assume the worst. Come with me, please?” I begged.


Bella regarded me quietly for a brief moment, her eyes searching my face.


I love you. What have you got to lose?” I whispered quietly.




I couldn't hide the shock from my face as Alice spoke of a way to live like this without killing humans. Could I do that? Did I want to do that? Of course I wanted to. She was right, it was the thirst for human blood that frightened me the most about what I had now become. Could I go with her and learn this way? Could I not? After all, I loved her.


I love you. What have you got to lose?” I heard Alice whisper uncertainly.


Stepping away from Alice, I walked over to the lifeless corpse of one of the three men, rifling through his pockets until I came upon his cell phone. My fingers deftly punched the buttons, my eyes falling to rest upon the now unconscious form of the battered young woman.


9-1-1. Please state the nature of your emergency,” the operator said.


“There is a young woman who has been badly beaten and raped. She is unconscious in the alley at the corner of 54th and Monroe. Please hurry.” I disconnected the call, crushing the small cell phone easily within my palm before walking back over to the still, unmoving form of my lover.


Extending out my hand, I looked deeply into Alice's eyes, my lips finally curving into a smile.


I love you too. Let's go home,” I said.


Alice and I disappeared into the night, the sounds of emergency sirens wailing in the background as we ran through the forest back to Forks. Back home.



Tags: "going home", alice/bella, twilight fic

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