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Going Home 6/7 (Alice/Bella)

Title: Going Home.

Author: k_icker 

Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Alice/Bella

Rating: R

Word Count: ~ 12,700

Disclaimer: Twilight, Alice, Bella and all other such characters/locations  don’t belong to me. They belong to Stephanie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended, no profit being made.

Summary: What if Bella was meant for Alice? But tragedy looms. How will they handle it?

Archive: By permission only

A/N: A special thank you to dhamphir  for the beta. 



It was all her fault, what I had done, what I had been about to do, it was all her fault! Anger rippled through me as I thrust Alice's petite body from me, mildly surprised when she flew across the alleyway to slam roughly into the brick wall. Rage, rage and thirst burned inside of me. The animal within me demanded she pay for what she had done. I sprang after her, picking her body up easily, though she didn't really resist me. I rammed her into the wall, her indestructible form denting into the crumbling brickwork. Her face remained passive, though I could see the sadness in her eyes. 


Argh! What was wrong with me? My grip tightened about her jacket, my body propelling the two of us easily across the alleyway until Alice's small frame slammed roughly into the brickwork once more, my body pinning her there, my face inches from her own. Anger burned with me, my body fairly trembling with barely contained rage.


What have you done to me?! What the hell am I?!” I growled. I held her there, pinned against the brick, demanding answers.


You're one of us now. A vampire,” she said quietly, her eyes imploring as they searched my face.


Tell me why. Why have you done this to me?” The last part to my question came out more like a strangled whisper, but I had to know.




Though she didn't know it, Bella was much stronger than I was. New-borns always were. What they gained temporarily in strength, however, they lacked in control, their bodies ruled by more basic primal instinct. I would not fight her, but I had to try to not let her kill me either. It was a fine line between attacking and defending myself, so when she pinned me to the wall, her face looming angrily in front of my own while she demanded answers, I prayed that the truth would be enough to save the both of us. Her from an eternity of regret, me from extinction.


Tell me why. Why have you done this to me?” I heard her choke out in a whisper.


Because,” I said, measuring my words carefully, “I love you.” I could see the shock of my declaration in her crimson eyes. She had not been expecting to hear that.


I have waited centuries for you, Bella. You, the simple human whose blood sang to me like no other. It was impossible for me to stay away from you, though I tried. I tried so very hard to, and yet I could not.” 


You were....you were in my room,” she whispered, somewhat questioning, though sounding more like a statement.


Yes.” I nodded my head gently. “I would watch you sleep, at first because I was curious about you, about the visions I would have of you, but then because I longed to hear you whisper my name the way you would.”


Visions?” she questioned.


There are those of our kind who have gifts above and beyond the obvious ones, you know doubt have noticed. While I possess the immense strength and speed like you, while my senses are heightened just as yours are, I also have a gift of sight. I can see things, decisions people make and the actions that result because of those decisions.” I spoke quietly, having never really confessed about my 'gift' to another outside of my family before. 


I saw you, in your park, looking for someone, searching for me. And then I saw you leave. I saw you sell your house and get onto a plane, though I could not see where. And that is when I decided I had to talk to you, I had to know where you were going, where I would follow. But then as your decision to leave faltered, I had to try and make you stay,” I confessed.


Bella's grip upon my jacket loosened, though she did not release me, still pinning my body against the brickwork. Her eyes were no longer angry. They were confused as they stared at me, taking in everything I was saying to her.




My mind reeled as I listened to Alice tell me of her visions, of seeing me in the park, of seeing my decision to leave. So that was what had brought her there to observe me, what had prompted her to say hello. But it did not explain what had happened now, why I had been turned into one of them. I had to know. She needed to explain herself to me.


Why this though? Why could you not just tell me what you were, why,” I sucked in a nervous breath, “why did you change me?”




I knew that question had been coming. I had seen it in my mind the minute she had decided to ask it, and I knew only the truth would save the both of us in that moment. 


I saw you crash, moments before your bike left the road, I saw you crash and...” I paused, “I saw you die.” I could barely say those last words.


When you asked me to help you, though I knew, I knew, you weren't going to make it, I couldn't bring myself to let you go. I was selfish, but the thought of enduring eternity without you was unbearable to me.”


I stared intensely into rich crimson brown eyes as the words tumbled out of my mouth.


You can hate me for eternity, Bella Swan, but I will always love you. And as selfish as it was, at least you are around to hate me, and maybe one day....to forgive me.”


Silence enveloped the two of us as we stood there, my body still pinned gently against the brick wall, my eyes locked on the crimson brown orbs of my love's. The tension in the air was palpable. And just when I thought she was going to shout at me, her lips descended, capturing mine in a savage, hungry kiss.




Tags: "going home", alice/bella, twilight fic

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