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Going Home 5/7 (Alice/Bella)

Title: Going Home.

Author: [info]k_icker
Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Alice/Bella

Rating: R

Word Count: ~ 12,700

Disclaimer: Twilight, Alice, Bella and all other such characters/locations  don’t belong to me. They belong to Stephanie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended, no profit being made.

Summary: What if Bella was meant for Alice? But tragedy looms. How will they handle it?

Archive: By permission only

A/N: A special thank you to [info]dhamphir for the beta! 





It was amazing, this new feeling of speed that engulfed me as I ran through the forest. I had been kidding myself if I thought that roaring down the motorway on my bike was exhilarating. This, this was something else. Trees were just a blur as I wove through the forest, and yet I never worried I would hit one, my body knowing exactly where each branch, each leaf, each root was positioned. I was speeding through the forest, and yet I wasn't even breathing hard. My laughter danced amongst the foliage as I hurtled rapidly towards the bright lights of the city of Port Angeles.


The scent overwhelmed me, crashing into me like a wave as I entered the outskirts of the city. Blood. Blood was everywhere, it was in everything and my throat burned with thirst. What the hell was wrong with me?? The bright lights of the city caked the roads and alley ways in light and shadow. I moved slowly, it felt like I wasn't moving at all really. Blood. My mind screamed for it, my throat burned, my mouth filling with venom. I was thirsty, I was hungry, I needed to feed. My mind reeled with awareness of this sense, this ache. What had she done to me?




My body remained frozen, crouched beneath the tree, staring intently at the spot a few feet from me that Bella had just disappeared from. What had I done? She needed to know what she was, she needed to know how to control it, how to contain the hunger that right then was driving her like some primeval instinct. She needed answers. I owed her that much. I only hoped I could get to her in time before she did something she would regret for eternity. Forcing myself out of my self-induced melancholy, I inhaled the musky scent that was Bella deeply, slipping into the forest and picking her track up with minimal effort. “Please let me get to her in time!” I thought as I raced through the dark, ominous forest.




The alleyway loomed before me, my feet having carried me there before I was even really aware of it, before I heard the screams.


Hellllllllllllllllllllllp!” a woman cried.


Shut up, bitch!” I heard a gruff man snarl just before the sound of a slap echoed within my perfect hearing. I heard the woman whimper, the sound of clothing tearing, the sadistic laughter of men bent on vile, cruel acts. 


My eyes did not need to adjust to the darkness, something that my mind vaguely registered alarm at, as I stalked silently into the alley. The smell of blood was so strong there, my throat burned with the need to taste it, to consume it. Two men stood lazily against dumpsters in the alley, quietly watching with disgusting grins of satisfaction upon their faces as a third man raped a petite, blonde woman. Rage pulsed through me as I heard the young woman beg, only to have the men respond with disgusting remarks about how much she wanted this thing that was happening to her. They never saw me coming.


A growl erupted from deep within my chest, the sound something you would associate with a wild animal, not a young woman. The two men who had moments before been enjoying the show barely heard the sound before I ended their lives. My strength was unparalleled, the first man's neck crushing beneath my grasp like eggshells, whilst my arm hoisted the second man easily into the air, flinging his body into the brick wall. I heard the sounds of his bones shatter, knowing he was dead instantly. The third man, the vile creature that he was, hadn't even noticed the commotion behind him, let alone stopped in his relentless violation of the young woman who whimpered beneath him pitifully. 


What the fuck!?!?” he gasped as the sound of my enraged growl reverberated in his ear. His head turned to find me crouched behind him, eyes a fathomless black, teeth elongated over soft full lips, lips that had curled back in a snarl as I stared at him. He opened his mouth as if to speak again, his words dying upon his lips as I flung his body away from the battered young woman. He was like a rag-doll, limp and pitiful as he flew easily from one wall into the other. I wanted to drive his body into the unyielding brickwork until every bone within it shattered, but he needed to suffer, he needed to hurt. His blood poured from the gashes the sharp edges made upon his flesh, his skull caved in at one side. My throat burned with the desire to drink him in. 


Wh-wh-hat are you?” he stammered, his limp broken body laying crumpled in the dirt, blood spluttering from his mouth, running down his chin.


Hungry,” I purred, stalking towards him, my hands easily lifting his head, cradling him as my teeth descended upon his throat. His screams died upon his lips as my teeth pierced his jugular. The taste of his blood as it ran down my throat was exquisite, soothing the aching burn that had been raging inside of me. I drank, and drank and drank until there was no more blood left to consume. The sound of a primal growl fell from my lips as I tore them away from the throat of the lifeless man. His limp body dropped to the ground as I stood, blood trickling from the corner of my mouth.


My eyes, now tinged with a ring of brilliant blood red fell upon the bleeding, half naked flesh of the young woman. Her eyes pleaded, imploring me, begging for help.


Please...please..help me,” she whispered quietly, her shaky hand reaching out towards me pitifully. 


Don't worry. It won't hurt anymore. I promise,” I purred, stalking towards her, my mind chanting repeatedly “blood, blood, blood, blood.” My mouth watered with just the thought of draining her dry. I crouched down in front of the girl, determined to at least lull her into a sense of calm before I took her life. I watched as the scent of musk, my scent, along with the hypnotic sound of purring drifted out to wrap around her. Her eyes glazed over, my lips twitching into a predatory smile as I leaned forwards. The warm hard press of Alice's hand resting upon my shoulder snapped me out of my own delicious daydream, rooting me in place.




Tracking Bella's scent had been easier than I had anticipated, being so attuned to her as I had become. I followed her trail, finding myself standing at the mouth of a dark, smelly alleyway, transfixed by the sight before me. I stood silently, keeping myself in shadows, though I doubted Bella would have even been aware of my presence, the thirst having appeared to take such complete control over her. My eyes watched as the mangled body of the third man was flung from one wall to another. I had already seen the limp, lifeless bodies of the two men she had killed. 


My mind told me I should step forward, I should stop it before it was too late, but I couldn't bring myself to move. So I stood, rooted in place, watching on, mesmerised as the pitiful, human male spluttered up at her, as her hypnotic purr reverberated in the cramped space, as she fed her thirst with his blood. Watching another vampire feed was generally taboo. Feeding was a private thing, even amongst our kind. But there was something erotic about watching Bella feed on the dying man. My sex throbbed with its own hunger as my eyes consumed the sight of her lips upon his throat, the smell of his blood in the air and the sound of her primal growl as it split the night.


I watched the lifeless body of the man fall easily from within her grasp as she stood, taking in the sight of the defiled young woman. I heard the woman's soft pleas for help as Bella approached, crouching down before her. It was amazing to see the moment Bella had woven her spell about the battered young human, but that I could not allow. My feet moved silently, the firm press of my palm upon Bella's shoulder interrupting her thoughts as she began leaning towards the girl. Crimson eyes burned into me moments before I heard her growl and felt myself propelled roughly across the alleyway, my body slamming forcefully into the slick, mould-covered brick.





Tags: "going home", alice/bella, twilight fic

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