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Going Home 4/7 (Alice/Bella)

 Title: Going Home.

Author: k_icker 
Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Alice/Bella

Rating: R

Word Count: ~ 12,700

Disclaimer: Twilight, Alice, Bella and all other such characters/locations  don’t belong to me. They belong to Stephanie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended, no profit being made.

Summary: What if Bella was meant for Alice? But tragedy looms. How will they handle it?

Archive: By permission only

A/N: A special thank you to dhamphir  for the beta


Part 4

Panic and confusion seemed to whirl around inside of me. The heady scent of cinnamon still floated about me, lingering on my flesh, on my lips. I turned the key, revving the engine on my motorcycle. The engine roared to life angrily, the sound seeming to match the warring emotions I was feeling. Alice. That kiss, those lips, those hands, her smell, her taste. My body throbbed at the memory. Alice. That growl, those eyes, those teeth, that look. I kicked the bike into gear, tearing out of the car park faster than I should. The motorcycle screamed down the highway, the sound of Alice's painful howl still lingering in my ears, my eyes catching the blurred movement racing through the tree line, keeping speed with my bike. I accelerated further, gunning it as my eyes began to water.


The road seemed to whizz by in rapid blurs of dark and light. Wind whipped at my face, stinging the tears that ran down my cheeks as my mind reeled over everything that had just happened. There was something about Alice, something I couldn't explain. At first I had felt this sense of fear, seeing those pitch black eyes, those elongated fangs, the way she moved too quickly. But that howl of pain, the empty feeling since she had gone – those were unendurable. I needed answers, I needed to know what was going on, to make sense of how I felt about everything....about Alice.


Calming down, I eased off the accelerator on my motorcycle, taking in the surroundings. I wasn't entirely sure where I was, how far I had been riding. All I knew was that the surrounding trees and forests were unfamiliar to me, the way they seemed to close in on the road threatening and looming. It was then that I really noticed the blur within the tree line. It couldn't be, it was impossible.


My mind kept telling me I was seeing things, wishful thinking. It couldn't be her, that was just impossible. But those eyes, those teeth, was it really that impossible? I think I stopped breathing the minute Alice stepped out from the tree line, and just stood there silhouetted by the dark forest looming behind her. It was her! I couldn't deny the way my heart thumped wildly as my eyes fell upon her.




The trees bent around me, blurring with the speed my body manoeuvred with. I heard the roar of Bella's motorcycle slowing down as I ran along the side of the motorway, keeping in time with the machine. She raced, running from something, from me perhaps? As I heard her engine slow , as I watched her eyes scanning the tree line in search, the decision was made. I moved ahead in the trees, stepping out towards the highway.


My lips curved into a small smile as I heard my name whispered softly, as I heard the ga-thump of Bella's heart when her eyes fell upon me. She was pleased to see me, of that I was certain. If my heart still beat, I was sure it would have soared with that knowledge. Mere moments later, that sense of pleasure, of intense happiness I had felt, fled. My face froze in a look of sheer horror as images of Bella's motorcycle careening out of control, of her broken battered flesh, flashed before my eyes.




Alice...” I whispered, my eyes sure they had seen her mouth curve into a small smile. The look of sheer terror that gripped her features a moment later would forever be burned into my memory. I turned my eyes back to the road then, just in time to see the sharp bend I would not be able to make loom up before me. My eyes locked with the frozen, terrified look in Alice's for that one final moment before I lost control of my motorcycle and went hurtling into the trees. For a brief moment I felt utterly free as my body flew through the trees, wind racing around me, tree branches reaching out to whip at my limbs.


For a brief moment I felt no pain and then everything hurt, light flashing behind my eyes. My body slammed into the base of thick jacaranda tree, my back breaking upon impact. I could feel blood running out of me, pouring from the gashes the many tree branches had inflicted upon my flesh. My arm lay limply at an odd angle, and I could sense the bones in my leg had been crushed. It hurt to breath, my eyes blurring as blood ran down my forehead to cloud my vision. I just wanted to sleep, I just wanted to close my eyes and sleep where it wouldn't hurt anymore. I was sure I was dying, but I had always thought that when you died, your life was supposed to flash before your eyes. All I could see before my eyes was Alice.


Alice stood there, staring down at my broken mutilated body. Shock was still etched upon her perfect face and all I wanted to do was reach out and brush her cheek with my fingertips, and tell her that everything would be alright. But when I opened my mouth all I could manage was a cough, blood trickling from my mouth.


Alice, don't be sad, baby. I'm going to be fine.” I rasped.


I just....just need to rest a while.” I was starting to feel cold, distant. I was slipping away and I knew it. Finally, the calm feeling that was blanketing me disappeared, and panic set in.


Alice......I'm...I'm scared.” I stammered.


Shhhhhhh,” she whispered quietly, slowly moving towards me. Her eyes had turned that hard pitch black colour, her breathing laboured as the scent of so much blood assaulted her. She crouched down, easily lifting my broken body within her grasp, holding me close to her. If I hadn't been in so much pain I would probably have noticed the slight tremble she had, or the way the tips of her fangs seemed to sneak out from between those lush perfect lips.


Please.....help me.”


I will, baby. I will,” she said, her lips descending to capture mine in a soft, lingering kiss. The tip of her tongue ran along my lip, lashing at the blood that had caked upon them. I heard her growl against me, felt her grip on my arms tighten, sending waves of blinding pain through me. Her mouth traced light kisses down my throat as my eyes rolled back into my head, my body going limp in her arms, my hand gripping feebly at her shirt. I didn't feel the stab of her teeth as they pierced my throat, pain consuming me all over. The sound of her purring as my blood flowed over her tongue, running down her throat, swirled around me. She howled as her mouth tore itself away from my flesh, the grip I held on her shirt loosening as pain spread through me like an out of control fire.




I couldn't move, couldn't think, my eyes fixed upon the broken mutilated body of my Bella. I held my breath, the scent of blood so thick in the air that I dare not breathe it in. She was dying, my human was dying. I had failed. I should let her go, should let her die. It was the nature of being human, to live, to grow, to die. But when she began slipping away from me, I felt the venom fill my mouth. And when she begged, begged me to help her, I could not let her go.


As my lips caressed her own, as my tongue tasted her blood, the animal within me stirred, thirsting to taste more of her. My breathing faltered, laboured under the assault of so much blood, so much Bella. My body trembled, my chest rumbled with hunger, my arms tightening about her broken frame. I kissed her human form goodbye moments before my teeth sank deliciously into her neck and the warm liquid heaven that was Bella poured down my throat.




Everything burned, my body convulsing within the strong cool arms of Alice's embrace. I could literally feel broken bones snapping back into place, the shattered discs in my spine reforming as the flames boiling within my blood licked and stroked them. As the fire continued to spread through my body, as it lashed at my insides, ice cold hardness was left in its wake. A scream so filled with pain ripped from my lips as I felt fire wrap around my heart, as I felt it stutter feebly and then thud one final time.




The taste of Bella's blood, as it ran down my throat, was euphoric. I drank and drank and drank. My arms almost crushed her fragile human body as I held her against me, as the animal within me continued to feed on the blood ebbing from her flesh. Her heart was slowing, I was killing her. I had to stop, I had to fight the monster that I was if I was going to save my Bella. The howl that filled the silent night air was wracked with torment as my lips were wrenched from her flesh.


Her body convulsed in my arms as the venom spread through her flesh, like a wildfire. I could literally hear the faltering beats of her heart, ga-thump, clunk, ga-thump. I could feel the broken bones within her flesh reforming, melding back together. Soon, soon it would all be over and that Bella, human Bella, would be no more. Her pain-filled scream tore straight through me as the venom strangled her heart. It beat, it faltered and then all was quiet. I waited, my breath held in my chest, my arms still cradling Bella against me.




It is hard to say how long I laid there, after my heart had thumped for a final time, held within Alice's embrace. I hadn't yet opened my eyes but I could hear everything, smell everything. My senses were in major overload. I heard the sounds of the bugs climbing the tree I laid beneath, the soft melody of the wind rustling through the leaves. The scent of pine, moss, cinnamon and dried blood swirled around me, and the heat of Alice's arms as they cradled my body against her seeped into me. Opening my eyes was like staring at a rainbow of colours. The faded light trying desperately to break through the thick canopy, the minute details of the moss covered bark, the perfect shape of Alice's jaw line, the slightly flushed tinge of her skin, the uncertain look in dark eyes, some blend between onyx and amber.


It hit me like a wave, the smell of old blood, my own blood wafting around me. My throat burned with thirst, my mouth filling with liquid, with venom. I ached to drink, to gorge myself in blood, to feel it run down my throat and soothe the lingering burning I felt there. My senses sharpened, searching for a victim, for a creature to sate my hunger with. A low rumble emanated from my chest, my eyes locking with Alice's as the need to feed consumed me. I sprang out of her arms, faster than I had thought it possible to move. She remained crouched by the tree, her eyes still wary and also a little sad as they gazed upon me, bent in a defensive crouch.


What have you done to me?” The melodic sound of my own voice startled me. I turned and ran into the trees before she could even answer.




She was perfection, my Bella. The musky scent that was her floated all about me as I held her within my arms, staring down at features that I had always considered beautiful, but were now somehow utterly breathtaking in their flawlessness. I ached to run my fingers through the mass of curls that framed her face, but I remained still, holding her carefully while I waited for her to open her eyes, new eyes. Her eyes opened, taking in everything with her heightened senses before meeting my gaze. And then she was out of my arms in an instant, her body crouched defensively as she stared at me. I wanted to go to her, to hold her and tell her everything would be okay, but she was a newborn, stronger than I and far more unpredictable. So I remained where I crouched, my eyes wary as they took in her defensive position, sadness creeping into my gaze.


What have you done to me?” I heard her ask, her voice a wonderful melody as it drifted toward me.


The question hit me like a slap in the face. What had I done to her? I had doomed her to a neverending existence, filled with the thirst for blood. She had asked me to help her, but had she meant like that or had my own selfish inability to simply let her die clouded my mind completely? Before I could even try to respond with an answer she was gone.




Tags: "going home", alice/bella, twilight fic

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