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Going Home 3/7 (Alice/Bella)

Title: Going Home.




Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Alice/Bella

Rating: R

Word Count: ~ 12,700

Disclaimer: Twilight, Alice, Bella and all other such characters/locations  don’t belong to me. They belong to Stephanie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended, no profit being made.

Summary: What if Bella was meant for Alice? But tragedy looms. How will they handle it?

Archive: By permission only

A/N: A special thank you to [info]dhamphir for the beta. 


Part 3


Alice, please. What is going on?” I could hear the pleading tone in my voice now.


I...I have to go.” She said the words so fast my mind almost didn't catch up. Before I could even blink she was standing, moving away from me. 


I opened my mouth to speak, a strangled “Wait,” drifting away on the breeze. She had already gone. She had literally vanished right in front of me. What the hell was going on?


I wasn't really sure how long I had sat there, staring numbly at the break in the trees that Alice had disappeared through. The afternoon sun had disappeared upon the horizon and the darkening sky hinted that night was fast approaching and still I sat there, foolishly hoping that maybe if I just waited a little while longer, she would come back. As a shiver raced through me, I realised she wasn't coming back. I was sitting there, like a fool, when she was not coming back. Stiff from sitting so long, I gingerly rose from the ground, gathering up my riding jacket, walking over to my motorcycle and heading home. 




I ran, I ran as fast as my superhuman speed would allow. The forest around me blurred into nothingness. There was nothing, nothing but the horrible empty feeling that had settled where my heart would be if it still beat. It was all my fault. I had ruined everything, all because I had allowed myself to indulge in my desire to be near her. We vampires could be fickle creatures, prone to whims and fancy, to feeding whatever desire we felt at a given time. After all, all we had was time. 


I had crossed the border into Canada before I had even begun to slow down, before I had managed to calm the roaring beast inside of me. No longer was I going to be able to indulge in afternoons of perfection with Bella. No longer could I hear her heavenly voice say my name. But could I stay away completely? I didn't think even I had that kind of strength.




My sleep that night was far from restful. My dreams were filled with visions of Alice's face, blank and distant, her eyes cold and emotionless. The honey coloured warmth that I had gotten so used to seeing was gone. I shouted at her in my dream, I begged her to talk to me, to tell me what was wrong, but she simply stood there, staring at me numbly. I awoke with a start, Alice's name falling in a strangled whimper from my lips. The heady scent of cinnamon and fig, a scent I had come to associate solely with Alice because it seemed to freshen the air around her, filled the enclosed space of my bedroom.


Alice?” I whispered tentatively into the dark room. 


Moonlight filtered into the room through the billowing curtains. My eyes tried to adjust to the dim light, as I searched each corner of the room, the heady scent still assaulting my senses. A groan of frustration rumbled from within me, my head slamming back onto my pillow. I was being foolish, searching the dark corners of my room for her. I had let my dreams be overtaken with thoughts of her, of Alice, and now I was laying there, awake, searching the darkness for her just because my mind was in overdrive. Heaving myself out of bed, I slipped over to the window, sliding the glass pane closed with an exhausted sigh. If I had been more awake I might have seen the shape of a figure leaning against the trees surrounding the house, I might have noticed the movement as the figure slipped back within the brush before darting away. But I wasn't awake enough and as I tiredly slipped back beneath my blankets, Alice disappeared through the trees and into the dark.




It was wrong of me to be there, invading her space as she slept. But I just couldn't bring myself to stay away. My need to be near this human, my human, was the singularly most important aspect of my existence. The centuries I had endured before her, before Bella,  paled in comparison to the significance of these all too brief moments. And so there I was, standing in the shadows of her bedroom, watching on silently as she slept. 


Her sleep was restless, this I could easily tell. She tossed and turned in her sleep, mumbling incoherently into her pillow. The blankets had twisted about her, the legs of her pyjama bottoms riding up with all the commotion. I couldn't help but let my gaze wander over the subtle curves of her body as she slept, the way her hair fell across her eyes, the movement of her lips as she talked quietly in her sleep. My silent wondering of whether I was in part the cause of that restlessness were immediately answered as I heard my name whispered softly into the darkness. She could not find me here. With a sigh, I slipped out the window to her bedroom, fading into the tree line.


I stood transfixed, staring up at her bedroom window as the silhouette of her figure crossed the open space. Was she looking for me? I should move, step out of the light, stop leaning against the tree, but still I waited transfixed, hoping she might see me. As the glass pane slid closed I faded back, a soft sigh falling from my lips as I blended back into the trees.




Sitting in the park that afternoon, again I wondered if I were being foolish, if she would show up. I was beginning to think that she wouldn't, I was beginning to feel very foolish. There were things I should have been doing, people I should have been showing the house to, storage arrangements I should have been making, anything other than sitting in a park, waiting for someone who likely was not going to show up. Gathering myself together, I got to my feet, turning away from the park towards my motorcycle. The heady scent of fig and cinnamon hit me just before she stepped out from behind the trunk of the tree I had only moments before been leaning against.


We stood, staring at each other in silence for several long moments and I couldn't deny the way my heart beat erratically as soon as my eyes had taken in the delicate angled features of the smaller woman. Golden eyes seemed to burn into me as she stood there, silently staring at me. The silence was consuming everything around us, I couldn't stand it anymore.




My words were drowned out instantly by the soft delicate press of her lips against my own. My mind reeled even as my arms wrapped around the petite beauty, pulling her cool hard body tightly against the warmth of my own. I felt like I was on fire as her tongue slipped past the silken flesh of my lips, darting tentatively into my mouth. As my fingers entwined within her dishevelled tresses, as I groaned softly into her mouth, the restrained uncertainty within Alice's kiss disappeared. Her mouth consumed mine hungrily, her tongue plunging into my mouth, swirling around my own, coaxing it out and into her own welcoming mouth. I tasted cinnamon, inhaled the heady fragrance that was all Alice. I felt myself pressed back firmly to the trunk of the tree, felt insistent hands slipping easily beneath my riding jacket as fingers grazed suggestively against the curve of my breast. The sound of someone whimpering floated about the two of us, my mind vaguely realising that the sound had come from me.



She was in the park. I knew this because I had followed her there. She seemed restless, unsettled and upset. The decision to stay, or not to stay, was warring inside of me. Everything told me I should walk away from this human, I should get as far away from her as I possibly could. But everything could go to hell, the moment the vision of her boarding that plane entered my mind once again. I stepped out from behind the tree she had leaned against. 


Golden eyes locked with rich brown. We stood, staring at each other for what felt like a millennia. When I heard my name fall from her lips, those soft pink lips I had longed to make my own, I could not deny myself. I kissed her mouth, claiming it. She was mine, my human, my Bella. When her fingers wove within my hair and the sounds of her groans filled my ears, my carefully controlled restraint was almost broken. My mouth devoured her lips, my tongue plunged her mouth. She was everywhere, and I thirsted to feel everything, my hands sliding easily beneath the soft leather of her riding jacket, tracing the supple curve of her breast.




Soft, velvet lips grazed lightly along my jaw line, my hands tracing in long, seductive strokes up and down her back. I could feel Alice's chest shuddering against me, a rumbling purr emanating from within her, mingling with my own whispers as her name fell repeatedly from my lips. My breathing was ragged, my shirt felt tight across my chest. The cool press of Alice's body tempering the raging inferno her light caresses across my ribcage were causing. My hips arched from the trunk of the tree of their own accord, grinding suggestively against her body, causing the rumbling purr to grow louder, hungrier. I felt the caress of her lips against my throat, my neck arching instinctively to allow her better access. 




My nostrils flared, burning with the scent of Bella's blood. I could hear it pulsing rapidly through her veins, could literally feel her heart hammering beneath her breast. Dear, God, how I wanted to take her, to sink my teeth into her throat, to drink the rich delicious blood that pumped just below the surface until it was all gone. I had never thirsted for a human's blood as much as I craved Bella's. When her neck arched, when my ears filled with the soft sounds of her groan of pleasure, as my teeth grazed dangerously over her jugular, golden orbs snapped to piercing onyx. 




Her fingertips tracing across my ribs, her lips brushing against my throat, her scent assailing my senses were all driving me wild. I wanted Alice so much, I needed to feel her against me, the throbbing of my sex reminding me of where else I needed to feel her. The feel of her teeth grazing against my throat was so deliciously erotic, I couldn't help but groan. No sooner had the sound fallen from my lips when I felt the whooshing air surround me, the cool hard press of Alice's body suddenly wrenched from my aching flesh. 


My eyes opened, blinking rapidly, my mind foggy with desire as I stared at Alice, her body crouched defensively some 20 feet from me. Her body was trembling, her eyes pitch black as they stared at me. A sense of fear crept into the back of my mind as I stared back at her, confusion dampening the desire that had moments ago been coursing through my body. I wanted to go to her, to close this distance that was between us, but my feet would not move, my body overruling my mind, holding me firmly in place. 




My throat burned, aching to quench this unbearable thirst kissing Bella had created. I could almost feel my mouth filling with venom as my lips hovered dangerously over her neck. I should stop this, I should leave, but I wanted her so much. My Bella. The sounds of her pleasure were like a drug to me, the pulsing of her blood as it pumped through her veins hypnotic in its chaos. But when she groaned, offering me her neck without conscious thought, I tasted venom, felt my teeth elongate and the animal inside me rage.


My body trembled as I landed, having propelled myself away from Bella's warm delicious body. I remained crouched there, lips curling back over my teeth, eyes piercing as they gazed hungrily at her dishevelled, shocked position. Blood, it pulsed it my ears, burned in my throat. My voice a husky seductive purr as I spoke. 




Alice?” I managed to whisper.


This was a mistake,” I heard her say, everything seeming to spin around me. “I shouldn't have come here, I shouldn't have kissed you...like that. I...I can't see you anymore.” Those last words were whispered so quietly I almost didn't hear them.


Why?” was all I could manage to choke out. My mind screamed a hundred questions, my eyes welling up with tears that threatened to spill over and down my cheeks.


It is not safe...for you.” Her expression was suddenly different, strange and unfamiliar. There was a predatory glint in her eyes, her voice hypnotic as it drifted across the distance between us. I felt myself lulled, felt this pull to move towards her, to give myself over to her completely. The sound of my breath catching on a gasp as I took a step towards her, as her lip seemed to curl back hungrily to reveal two sharp elongated canines, seemed to break whatever spell had been woven around the two of us. I froze, my face a mask of shock and fear. Cold, hard flesh. Sharp elongated fangs, pale perfect features. 


W-w-what are you?” I heard myself stuttering. 


And then she was gone, a howl of pain ripping from her throat as she disappeared so quickly, too quickly, into the bushes surrounding the park. 




When she took that step towards me, offering herself to me, the animal inside me purred with satisfaction. Soon, soon I would taste her, soon I would drink her blood, quench the burning thirst in my throat. Soon the animal inside me would feed, gorging itself on blood, human blood. My human.


NOOOO! My mind screamed, the war between my most basic animal instincts and my desire to protect Bella, even from myself, raging. I had to get out of there, had to get away from her until I was back in control. Right then, I was the most dangerous thing to her, at that moment her life was in more danger than it had ever been before.


Pain tore from my lips as I fled into the trees, running as if my life, no Bella's life, literally depended on it.



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