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Blissful Servitude (fic)

 Title: Blissful Servitude

Author: k_icker

Fandom: Merlin

Pairing: Morgana/Gwen 

Rating: R

Word Count: ~ 1800

Disclaimer: Merlin, and all associated characters, do not belong to me. No infringement intended.

Summary: When the bonds of service reveal more than was intended. 

Archive: By permission only

A/N1: This has not been beta'ed, so all mistakes are my own.

A/N2: This story was actually inspired by the episode that aired on television here in Australia this evening. The opening conversation actually occurred in the show – I was madly dictating as it happened because I could feel a fanfic idea building. I hope you enjoy, I am still new to this fanfic thing (this is only my second story) so any and all feedback is welcomed. 




As Morgana entered the outer chamber to her quarters, the startled look on her maidservant's face stopped her in her stead. Before Guinevere could open her mouth to lob questions at her, Morgana stated simply, “Nothing a hot bath won't cure. I spent the night in the dungeon. Uther does not like to be challenged.” That last statement had been said a little bitterly. 


“Not over my father, Milady?” Gwen asked, visibly paling. 


“You have enough on your mind, without worrying about me,” Morgana said quietly, her voice filled with compassion for her maidservant. Uther had ordered the execution of her father a day earlier. 


“You mustn't do such things. Please, Milady, I couldn't bear it if anything happened to you.” Those last words were a barely audible whisper as they left Gwen lips.


Guinevere lowered her eyes, afraid she had spoken out of turn, that she had revealed too much to her Mistress. She wasn't prepared for how making such a declaration would make her feel. She wasn't ready to be this vulnerable. 


Morgana's fingertip caressed the bottom of Gwen's chin, gently lifting the timid woman's eyes up to meet her own. Their eyes locked, saying far more to each other than words ever could, than their respective stations would allow. Though Gwen ached to step towards her Mistress, she was uncertain. She was her servant, nothing more. She would find herself in the stocks faster than she could beg her forgiveness, for such a bold act. 


Morgana could read the uncertainty within her maidservant's eyes. She could also read the desire, sure her own eyes matched the young woman's. Leaning forward, the warmth of Gwen's uneven breath teased across Morgana's face, her lips holding a whispered breath from Gwen's. 


“Guinevere,” Morgana whispered, moments before her lips brushed lightly against the startled young woman's.


All Gwen could do was moan against Morgana's lips, the soft silky feel sending electric sparks through her entire body. When their lips met for the second time, the restraint within Morgana and the uncertainty within Gwen vanished. Tongues danced as lips melded together perfectly. Morgana's hands snared Gwen's face within their heated grasp, Gwen's bunching within the flowing folds of Morgana's dress as she clung to her Mistress. When their lips parted once more, both women were breathing heavily.


“Come,” Morgana said, her voice a husky purr. Gwen's face flushed at the tone.


Morgana led Guinevere from the outer chamber, into the private sanctuary of her sleeping chamber. Soft light flickered throughout the spacious room, the gentle glow of many candles illuminating the area. Coming to a halt before a bed of soft pillows, Morgana turned to face the quiet woman behind her. She couldn't help but let her eyes travel over the curves of the woman before her, her teeth absently chewing the plump flesh of her lower lip. Even beneath simple servant clothing, Guinevere was simply breathtaking.


Gwen was sure her skin was about to catch on fire, with the heat she could see in Morgana's gaze. It was time to stop acting like a startled deer caught in the hunter's crossfire. With a tentative step forward, Guinevere began performing a task she had done countless times before, a task that held a much more potent meaning this time. Deft fingers slowly unfastened the lace holding the bodice of Morgana's dress in place. With a simple shrug of her shoulders, luminous blue fabric pooled about Morgana's feet. Undergarments were disposed of next, the supple curves of Morgana's flesh revealed to Gwen's adoring eyes. 


Sliding easily back amongst the soft blankets, Morgana's gaze travelled the still clothed form of her maidservant. Her body trembled, her stomach curling with the look of desire she had seen flare in Gwen's eyes the moment her naked flesh had been revealed. She would have loved to undress the young woman herself, but her nerves were getting the better of her, and if she were honest with herself, she wasn't entirely sure how to go about it. After all, she was accustomed to being dressed by others, and not the other way around.


“I want to see you,” Morgana whispered quietly as she stared at Guinevere.


“Yes, milady,” Gwen replied, her trembling hands untying the fastenings of her simple dress. She couldn't help but bite her lip at the sound of Morgana's gasp, her dress and undergarments falling in a heap about her ankles. 


She had never been nude like this before another woman, much less a woman she desired as much as she desired Morgana. Nervousness seemed to consume Guinevere, her eyes fixing to the flooring beneath her feet. She couldn't bare to look up and see disgust in Morgana's eyes.


“Look at me,” Morgana commanded. 


There was nothing Gwen could do, but obey. A soft whimper fell from her lips as she took in the sight of her Mistress, stunningly nude as she laid amongst her pillows, her hand outstretched towards her. Morgana's flesh almost burned her skin as Gwen moved to lay beside her, body nestling against her Mistress. When Guinevere felt the lingering touch of Morgana's fingertips caressing her cheek, she couldn't help but close her eyes and lose herself in the sensation. It was only when she felt that caress move lower, to the swell of her breast, that her eyes once again took in the sight of her Mistress' face. 


Morgana watched on in quiet admiration as Gwen's eyes closed, her body responding instinctively to her touch. She could see the shaky breath, revelling in the way Guinevere chewed softly on her lower lip in a vain attempt to quieten her mewling. The feel of Gwen's nipple hardening against her palm, the weight of her breast as it was cupped within her hand, was exquisite. As Gwen's eyes opened once more, staring at Morgana with such unrestrained desire, Morgana could hold herself back no longer. Her lips captured Gwen's in a heated kiss, her body rolling slightly to pin her maidservant's flesh beneath her own. 


Gwen's fingers threaded within the silky curls of Morgana's hair, her body arching instinctively beneath the other woman's. Their mouths devoured each other, savouring the taste of each other's lips, tongues swirling and dancing about one another. At the subtle press of Morgana's thigh, Gwen's own parted slightly. Feeling the slick evidence of Gwen's arousal against her thigh, Morgana growled in response. God, she was so turned on right now!


Gwen bucked beneath Morgana as she felt the press of her Mistress' thigh against her centre. She knew Morgana could feel how aroused she was, she had heard her growl against her lips. She wasn't, however, prepared for the way her stomach clenched as she felt Morgana's fingertips slide down over her stomach, brushing through the moist silky curls at her sex. Gwen was sure she would climax right there, as she felt Morgana's fingertips brush in rhythmic circles across her clit. When Morgana slid a single finger inside her, Guinevere couldn't help but cry out.


“Mistress!” she gasped, her fingernails digging into Morgana's shoulders, pulling her even tighter to her.


“Say my name, Gwen,” Morgana whispered, the tip of her tongue flicking teasingly against the young woman's earlobe as her finger continued to slide in and out of her slick, tight sex.


Gwen's breath caught in her throat, her body trembling at the feel of Morgana's finger thrusting into her, the heat of her tongue tracing her earlobe. But it was the husky longing in Morgana's voice that really clutched at Gwen's heart. 


Morgana could feel how close Guinvere was to climax, could feel how the walls of her sex clenched about her finger, drawing the slender digit deeper. She could feel the young woman trembling beneath her, could literally see the pulsepoint at her neck thundering with her galloping heartbeat. She wanted so desperately to feel the young woman's release, but even more, she wanted to hear her name fall from those perfect lips, spoken with passion and longing. The pace of her thrusts quickened as her own heart raced beneath her breast.


“Please...” Gwen whispered breathlessly, “...Morgana.”


“Yes!” Morgana groaned, the word muffled slightly as her lips descended hungrily upon Gwen's. 


She tasted the pleasure experienced by the young woman, as it rippled through Gwen's flesh with each wave of her climax. She felt the walls of Gwen's sex clutch desperately to her finger, her thrusts stilling within the young woman. As Morgana drew her lips away, her eyes took in the flushed, beautiful face of her maidservant. She was utterly breathtaking, and she was Morgana's.


Gwen's body shuddered, a soft whimper of protest escaping, as she felt Morgana withdraw from her flesh. Her body tingled, humming with the delicious aftermath of her climax. That had been utterly amazing. Reaching up, her fingertips brushed an errant strand of hair out of Morgana's eyes, at a loss for exactly what to say. Morgana, sensing Gwen's uncertainty, took command of the situation.


“I think I would enjoy a hot bath now,” Morgana said kindly.


Sliding from the bed, albeit a little reluctantly, Guinevere bent to retrieve her clothing. Her eyes lifted, hearing the sound of Morgana clearing her throat. Her face flushed as Morgana shook her head. Eyes locked upon each other, Morgana couldn't help but let her lips curve into a knowing smile.


“Be sure to draw enough water in the tub to accommodate two,” Morgana said.


“Yes, Milady...” Gwen instinctively replied before whispering softly, “Yes, Morgana.”


The sound of Morgana's low moan, as she slipped into the bath chamber told Gwen her words had had the desired effect. 




Oh and many thanks to ilthit for the icon - pinched from a bunch of awesome icons posted previously :) 








Tags: blissful servitude, merlin fic

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